About Tobias Birgersson

Portrait of Tobias Birgersson
Photo by: Christian Habetzeder.


Tobias Birgersson

I work as a free Artist with Arts and craft, Design and Art. I have been working with teaching at University level since 2007 for Konstfack, Ädellab and as an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer for The University of Gothenburg HDK since 2016. I am a founding member of LOD Gallery and Atelier and Kungsholmens Täljargille.

Contact info:

Öbackavägen 15
168 39 Bromma, SWEDEN

e-mail: tobias@tobiasbirgersson.se
phone: +46 70 659 44 92

Contemporary Metal Artist & Object Maker

Material and craft used to be so important to me and to my identity. Now I tend to see the material and level of craft mastery as different colours in my box of crayons. It is both completely unimportant and so important at the same time.

Art, and probably especially craft, have a narcissistic core but loving what you do can be a powerful driving force. On the other hand, if you lack the ability to take a step back and reflect on what you have done, then you are in trouble.

Art and craft start with tradition and material. They can be mined by the contemporary maker to answer why, what, how and for whom.

How makers deal with process is up to them, as long as they do it. If all of the experimentation goes on in the realm of ideas, it is very probable that when the concept finally enters the material world it will be seriously flawed.

How to deal with the pure joy of making? Is it ever possible or okay that this might be enough for the maker, and the viewer is left to fill the object with content and context? Or would this just end up being a case of pareidolia, the mind perceiving a pattern where it doesn’t exist?

(Part of a dialogue with Damian Skinner. Read the full text here. Photos by: Christian Habetzeder.)


The Swedish National Museum.


Kungsholmens Täljargille, Stockholm.

Nutida Svenskt Silver, member gallery, Stockholm.

Konsthantverkarna, membergallery, Stockholm.

LOD Metal, atelier and gallery, Stockholm.


Master of Fine Arts, metallformgivning, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm.


Unga Konsthantverkare 2004, stipendium, Bengt Julins Fond, National museum.

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, two year working grant.

Curator of:

Metal endeavours International Meta Exhibition, Gallery Sebastian Schildt, Stockholm, SWE

HDK Steneby GBG Design Week Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk, SWE
Adi Toch-Shifting space Israel/GB Gallery LOD, SWE
Forge Form Fabricate Southern University of Illinois Museum. USA
Metall+Metall Steneby Art Hall, SWE
Äta Korpus Karolina Hägg, Gallery LOD, SWE

WHATNOT Myra Mimlitsch Gray/US Gallery LOD SWE

Latest solo:

Body, Contained, Galleri Sebastian Schildt, Stockholm, SWE

Atrium Gallery, Vida Museum, Öland, SWE

Sensual, Gallery Nutida Svenskt Silver

Group Exhibitions by selection:

“Dressed Up” Galleri Sebastian Schildt, Stockholm, SWE
“The Fourth Dimention” Not Quite, Holländeriet, Fengersfors, SWE
“Body, Contained”  Photo collaboration and Original Prints with Christian Habetzeder.

“Uncommon Element” Gallery Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm, SWE
“Quarantena” Gallery Sebastian Schildt, Stockholm, SWE
“Sharing is Caring” Orangery, The English Garden Munich, GER

“LOD 20 Years” VIDA Museum, SWE.
“ANIMATE” a SCALE collective exhibition at NotQuite Fengersfors, SWE
“Steneby-Metal+Metal”, During “Ferrous 2019”, PopUp Gallery, Hereford, England
“International Craft Fair” exhibition, Munic, Germany

“Konst&Design” TÄBY Kulturcentrum, Karby Gård SWE
“Tenthaus Winter Depot” Galleri BOX.Gothenburg SWE
“Spoons” Galerie Rosemarie Jäger. Gemany
“Tillverkat Här” Galleri LOD. SWE

“Faculty” Surplus Gallery, Illinois, US
“Corpus Maximus” Gallery Sebastian Schildt Stockholm.
“Ring” Gallery Nutida Svenskt Silver
“Preziosa” Botticelli Gallery, Florence, Italy.

Schoonhooven Silver award, Schoonhoven silvermuseum, Netherlands.
“Nutida C/O Rolfs kök. Stockholm.
”Photoboth” Kulturnatt Stockholm.

“Answering Pravu” Munich
Svenskt Tenn “Nutida” Stockholm, Sweden.
Gallery “Nivå 125” Båstad & Vida Museum, Öland Sweden.

LOD Fifteen-year anniversary, Örnsköldsvik Art hall, Sweden.

Public Art Commission:

“Bon för stora småvarelser” Gothenburg, Sweden, with Simon Westling.

“Divider”Kalmar, Sweden, with Päivi Ernqvist.
“Toolness of things II” Ohrdruf, Germany.

“Divider” Kalmar, Sweden, with Päivi Ernqvist.
“Toolness of things II” Ohrdruf, Germany.

“Pathfinder” Stockholm Art, Sweden, MICASA Six Walkways.

Artist in Residency:

AIR at Tobiashammer Techniches Denkmahl Ohrdruf. Germany

SIU Carbondale Illinois US Metallsdepartment residency.

Ongoing Collaborations:

“Sharing is Caring” Publication with other artists.
“Toolness of things 1” Verbal nonverbal project with Art Historian Damian Skinner.
“Feed the Beast” Photo collaboration with Christian Habetzeder.

Latest Publication:

LOD Metallformgivning – verkstad, butik, galleri & mötesplats.
ISBN: 978-91-519-0745-1
Publisher: Ateljé Habetzeder AB

Answering Pravu. Seven corpus artists and a philosopher.
ISBN: 978-91-519-0744-4 Öppna boken som PDF.
Publisher: Ateljé Habetzeder AB

Forge ”15 ways of Thinking About a Blacksmith“ together with Damian Skinner.
ISBN: 978-0-9561136-3-4