Stockholm Craft Week
4–8 October, 2023.


Exhibition in cooperation
with @pasergelstorg


Namesake is the relationship between us. All the exhibiting artists works stem from a relationship to the Metal Art program at HDK Steneby, regardless of any role or agent. Craft as art or art as craft we commune here as one. Together, for a sake, a purpose made from tools and empathy. A name, we have found together as projections of different desires. Here dispersing the bounds between us. For the sake of our common name, Namesake.



Namesake featured artists

Guillaume Klein, Chrisse Kuisma Karlsson, Matthias Kühn, Johannes Postlmayr, Filip Schmidt, Miriam Ståhlgren, Frida Svensson, Rika Žemaitytė, Tobias Birgersson, Emille de Blanche, Marcelo Ferreira, Karl Hallberg, Jokum Lind Jensen, Lina Söderberg, Siri Tolander and Heiner Zimmermann.

Read more about the exhibition here!

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