Extended Family II

The exhibition “Extended Family II” is curated by Gothenburg University, Metal Art at Campus Steneby. The invited artists have been engaged in the faculty during recent years. We consider all exhibiting artists to be a part of our extended family.

Exhibtion in cooperation with @pasergelstorg


Opening Hours
Vernissage / Opening • 6 oktober 17.00-19.00
7 oktober 12.00-19.00
8 oktober 12.00-17.00
9 oktober 12.00-17.00


Participating Artists

Filip Schmidt, Theotime Ritzenthaler, Wictor Eldervik, Daniel Freyne, Johannes Postlmayr, Eemu Kaikkonen, Jean Baptiste Galon, Ingrid Hopp-Hegg, Arttu Halkosaari, Frankie Clifford, Tobias Birgersson Lina Söderberg, Karl Hallberg, Prof. Heiner Zimmermann, Jokum Lind Jensen, Siri Tollander, Marcello Ferreira, Emille deBlanche.

Tobias Birgersson

Artist statement:

“Art and craft start with tradition and material. They can be mined by the contemporary maker to answer why, what, how and for whom.

Material and craft used to be so important to me and to my identity. Now I tend to see the material and level of craft mastery as different colours in my box of crayons. It is both completely unimportant and so important at the same time.”

Name of art work:


Thoughts about the art work:

When I can recognize a hint of a symbolic purpose in my objects, where no specific practical use can be discerned, this is when they become loaded with a personality and begin to live. The performative function is then enhanced by the context I choose to place them in e. g. gently wrapped in an old suitcase or placed in the hands of my father. By being liberated from the practical function, an object attains a new kind of value and exudes the force of a tool.

What are they:

The CONTACT triptych consists of hot forged tool like steel forms that interact with different parts of Baseball bats used as handles. CONTACT is also a series of Art prints made in collaboration with photoghrapher Christian Habetzeder. Model and father Mats Birgersson.

Read more about the exhibition here!

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